Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Applicant Reviews Feb. 15 and Feb. 22; Interviews

MFA Faculty and current students will review the portfolios and materials of applicants for 2009-11 on Sunday, February 15 in AB 200, beginning at 9 a.m. We will continue through the day until we arrive at a short list.

During the next week Social Practice and Studio Practice students are asked to organize and conduct interviews (in-person for locals, phone for out-of-state) with the short-listed applicants. (Pat has a list of the questions the Studio Practice students devised last year; Harrell or one of the second-year Social Practice students may have the ones they used. Current students may want to draft new questions.)

On Sunday, February 22, 10 a.m., we will meet at Shattuck Annex to discuss the interviews and compile our final acceptance list and wait list.

Though the process may not take as long as it did last year, it can be a long day. Let's plan on bringing something for a potluck brunch.

Please contact Pat if you have any questions.

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