Monday, February 9, 2009

PSU, Otis, and CCA at SFMoMA

SFMoMa invited Ted Purves (CCA), Susanne Lacey (Otis) and Harrell Fletcher (PSU) to speak on a panel to mark the closing of the exhibition: The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now.
In true Social/Public Practice fashion, they turned it over their students, both to shape and to people the panels. The three panel topics were: Responsiblity, moderated by Ted Purves, Consensus and Decent, moderated by Jen Delos Reyes, and Proffesional and Amateur, moderated by Randal Stott. With a couple of exceptions all students sat on a panel.
Pictured above are Cyrus, from PSU, Paige from Otis, and Brin from CCA participating on the panel Professional and Amateur. Panel participants met up before hand to discuss and frame our panel topics in person, following up on recent email exchanges. There was a great deal of lively conversation and passionate involvement between students before, during and after the panel discussions.

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Daniel Dean said...

any documentation of these events online?? hope so!